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19. Make a Lamp Out of a Water Jug and a Headlamp

DIY SPECIAL - 11 D.I.Y Party Shoe

Remember those cute shoes I designed for the 500 Days of Summer inspiration feature? Well, today I m sharing how you can make your own couture wedding shoes “ and

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DIY: Pretty Shoes | Green Wedding

I love how creative everyone is. These are some super cute shoes. I can t wait to show this post to my daughter. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas

I decided this go that I'd use fabric paint which is far less likely to wash out after multiple wears. I also decided that these shoes needed some cute

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I know what you might be thinking. DIY shoe, really? I know, sounds weird. But, they are really quite easy and turned out pretty darn cute. Ok, enough talk, let me

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DIY Shoe - A Little Tipsy

If you ve ever researched making your own shoes you know how much specialized knowledge and difficult to source materials are involved. Unfazed, I set to work

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Wouldn t you like some shoes made out of wood? Maybe you d like a pair of shoes completely covered in googly eyes. With these projects, you can learn

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Collecting vintage costume jewelry is a weakness of mine. By looking at my collection of vintage rhinestone ear clips, however, you would never guess that my ears

DIY shoes

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Boost Your Bust – Get a Breast Size Increase. While there is a lot to say about a women of great confidence who also is backed by a sparkling and bubbly personality

DIY Ideas for a Shoe Makeover | Lil Blue Boo

Sequined or studded? Neon or glitter? Here are 10 Awesome Party Shoe DIY Ideas DIY Tutorials that will make old shoes shine and sparkle anew in no time